Herb Silverstein is a Medical Doctor. A renowned ear surgeon, inventor, and philanthropist. Founder of the Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation. Avid snow skier. Athlete. Jazz artist.


In the early 1980s, one of Herb’s sons introduced him to a recording of Chick Corea. This began a long love affair with jazz music. Herb began learning jazz piano and playing this music with friends and colleagues.  And in 1985, he began writing songs.  His keen and analytical mind grasped the chord changes and patterns necessary to make music, but his creative heart and soul carried that knowledge to create some remarkable and beautiful and memorable melodies.


He has recorded with jazz greats such as Bob Berg, Marty Morell, Danny Gottlieb, Richard Drexler, Jack Wilkins, LaRue Nickelson, Jeff Rupert, and many others.


He has produced 15 CDs and written three editions of Jazz Harmony and Improvisation with Richard Drexler which contain 60 of Herb's original compositions.


He and his wife of over 36 years live in Sarasota, FL where he is founder and director of The Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation. Herb continues in his surgical work, research, and travels extensively to lecture on new techniques to combat hearing loss, dizziness, and Hyperacusis.


You can download his music from his website www.herbsilversteinmd.com